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I am Goth by nature, a carer by choice and a crafter by habit. living the Old Style way, spending less and making what I can myself. I follow Money Saving Expert and NYK forum avidly and am working to be debt free.

I shop wisely as every penny counts, my stock cupboard is my solution to any problem.

My home is full of craft stuff and I love making things for my grandson Michael and grand- daughter Bethany who are the reason I get up everyday. My kids are the best in the world and I thank them for being there for me and John

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Back home and getting set for winter.

I consider myself lucky that I have never been abroad - strange thought - no, because people seem to fall in love with places and I would not be able to go back on my budget. So I fell in love with the North East of England!
This was our main destination Beamish Musuem. We booked a bargain motel deal, packed our lunch and nibbles and headed North. Only minor glitch with hubbys health on the way and we were soon settled in our room.

We had a drive round the first evening to see where the museum was, picked up a fish and a portion of chips between us and settled down for the night. Of course I had pen and paper with me plus a bag of yarn and a hook so plenty to do while hubby played patience, read or snoozed.

Next day we went straight to Beamish as it opened at 10 am and Hubs slept late. Had our breakfast from what we had brought with us and planned to eat out there. We certainly were not disappointed- first thing the ticket is valid for a year and we only paid for Hubby as I was pushing his chair. Secondly the transport staff were very kind and not once did they give us that 'Oh no we have to trundle this bloke back on the wheelchair lift and bugger about again' Thirdly we had a yummy O/S lunch of mince pie, mushy peas, swede and little roast potatoes, that set us up for the rest of the day. The main thing, though, was the whole Beamish experience, we stepped back in time but much of the stuff was still in use in our lifetime, it was living history to us in the true sense of the word.

The whole of the North east is populated by people who are generous of spirit, who dont ignore wheelchairs and actually help when I get me wheels stuck, open doors and kindly move out of the way.
We revisited the Angel as I lost my photo's of her from our last visit. I find it quite the most moving thing to see, mind you I also love wind turbines so it may just be me!

The next day we nipped into Durham for a good breakfast then  went to a railway museum, did a detour through the Yorkshire dales rather than use the motorway and stopped in some lovely places including a chocolate factory and a little town called Richmond, which was lovely. We drove along side the Pennine way and was pleased and suprised to find public toilets everywhere - Britain take note, it is possible to have clean public toilets open for use right through the day, even till 6pm or possibly later. Manchester Tameside and Cheshire city councils its possible to have public toilets that are actually open and not up for sale or locked permanently !!!!

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