Living the simple life

I am Goth by nature, a carer by choice and a crafter by habit. living the Old Style way, spending less and making what I can myself. I follow Money Saving Expert and NYK forum avidly and am working to be debt free.

I shop wisely as every penny counts, my stock cupboard is my solution to any problem.

My home is full of craft stuff and I love making things for my grandson Michael and grand- daughter Bethany who are the reason I get up everyday. My kids are the best in the world and I thank them for being there for me and John

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Watch this space!

I am taking part in a vertical growing challenge on Frugaldoms wonderous forum and this is my start. I used a canvas photo gifted by a friend - aimed to be hung but didnt like it much so re-cycled it. Hubby was laughing when I asked him to make me a framework, he just dug this out turned it round and Bobs your auntie. 

So far have a couple of strawberries in but a friend is sending me some alpine strawbs and am going to put some baby leeks in and spring onions too.

These are my secret weapon in growing courgettes and usually do very well in the tyres. have topped them up with homemade compost which has saved a lot of cash this month. Cant see the point in spending huge amounts on growing food as it kinda defeats the object. I have spent a grand total of £10 this year on the garden including using a £5 off voucher online for some interesting seeds.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

And sew it begins....

Little greenhouse was wrecked in the recent storms so is now staging in my big greenhouse - works rather well I think. Some tiny greenshoots appearing now.
This is the result of spitting a bargain pot of succulents and they are growing very fast now seperated.

Its all go at this time of year and whilst there is still a lot of organising of pots to do Im happy with my the progress. Biggest suprise is my homemade compost is amazing - thank you little rabbit for youre donations. As I grow a lot in pots, due to the actual ground being used for fruit growing, I need a lot of fresh compost  so this year I wont need to buy much. This all adds to my ethos of growing as cheaply as possible. I cannot stand seeing people in garden centres with trolleys groaning with fancy pots, compost and fertiliser as they decided to grow their own. I should take thier adress's and nip round next year and offer to remove the unwanted pots!