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I am Goth by nature, a carer by choice and a crafter by habit. living the Old Style way, spending less and making what I can myself. I follow Money Saving Expert and NYK forum avidly and am working to be debt free.

I shop wisely as every penny counts, my stock cupboard is my solution to any problem.

My home is full of craft stuff and I love making things for my grandson Michael and grand- daughter Bethany who are the reason I get up everyday. My kids are the best in the world and I thank them for being there for me and John

Friday, 1 August 2014

Now known as Lady Jayne

It was my birthday on Wednesday - 55!!! cannot believe how time has flown. It says 22 in my knickers and thats what Im sticking to.

Hubby has just given up helping run the cricket league due to horrendous amount of work along with timewasting e mails asking stupid questions. All he was doing was sleeping and working on the laptop. We had a spare room full of trophys that he had built from parts thus saving the league £600 and during on of our discussions regarding his decision I stated I was always runner up - cricket came first. So on my birthday he presented me with a trophy which says 'no longer a runner up now a winner' - dont know who was more choked up him or me.

I had a lovely day, lunch with Mum, trip to Hobbycraft - which Mum loved. Then we went to see Jenni and Michael. She presented me with a certificate to say I am now Lady Jayne Egan! and a huge bar of chocolate.

Mum gave me gladioli's, Jen gave me chrysanth's, I bought myself roses(the day before) and then Gareth and Carrie turned up with lilies - I ran out of vases in the end! but I dont mind its wonderful.

Couldnt have had a better day.
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