Living the simple life

I am Goth by nature, a carer by choice and a crafter by habit. living the Old Style way, spending less and making what I can myself. I follow Money Saving Expert and NYK forum avidly and am working to be debt free.

I shop wisely as every penny counts, my stock cupboard is my solution to any problem.

My home is full of craft stuff and I love making things for my grandson Michael and grand- daughter Bethany who are the reason I get up everyday. My kids are the best in the world and I thank them for being there for me and John

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

My New Favourite Place

This oasis of calm is Michaels new school. A specialist autism school 5 minutes from our house. I think they built it with him in mind. His previous school was wonderful but it was decided he needed a special place more attuned to his needs. Jenni and Ant fought long and hard to get him a place and it turned out the education committee failed to notify them that there was a place in September. During a meeting about the boy a very embarrassed representative of the committee was put on the spot about it and he started part  time 2 days later. It was apparent after a week that he had found his niche and last week he finally went full time.

The difference in him is amazing, he is trying new things everyday from foods to situations. He is making decisions that were previously impossible and the set in stone arrangements for him staying with us are now being changed by him. After 6 years I am now able to have weekends off and do those things that only occur on a Saturday. He is happy to stay with Mummy and Daddy at weekends or stay Friday night instead.

Its not that we don't want him here its that we want him to spend quality time at home especially in the summer. We will have him here anytime he wants and love every minute but Grandy gets tired and I am struggling with lack of sleep due to a frozen shoulder and carpal tunnel in my left arm and hand.

Good news yesterday that he will have transport from next week so the entire family can stop juggling things to get him too and from school - its too far from his house to walk and buses in Manchester are terribly unreliable nowadays. Things can then settle more for all concerned.

This morning he went in early to use the soft play area before school starts - what a fab start to the day! He was a little unsure as he had an accident in there last week but we mentioned it when we took him and they phoned Mummy to assure her he thoroughly enjoyed it - what more could you want!

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Rainy Saturday

I have a weekend off as Michael decided to change thins around and stayed last night instead of tonight. John dropped me at the chemist - which was shut!!- so I walked to the shops while he drove Jenni and the kids to the shops to meet her friend for coffee.

10 minutes later my phone rang - 'the clutch is playing up on the car - AA duly dispatched a very nice man and I walked back to Jennis in the pouring rain. Luckily I only had a little bit of shopping as I only got as far as the Asian supermarket.

Half an hour later the nice AA man followed us home and we booked the car in for Monday, its nothing major...phew

I am now spending my weekend off wrapped in a cosy blanket and practising 'Hygge'. Baked potatoes and chicken in the oven which will warm the house and dry my coat when it comes out of the washer.

Picked up this big bag of Biriyani spices for £1.99. They need crushing in the pestle but will lasta long time. When you think a little bottle of spices at the supermarket are anywhere from £1 to £3 this was a bargain and I use a lot of spices to stretch food.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

January Blues

This is how Banjo and I feel at the moment! My arm is still very painful and not working particularly well  but am managing a little crafting.

The boy is now enrolled in a special school where he is in a class of 7! He is calmer and much happier than ever before. Its an oasis of calm at the Grange which is perfect for him. Gone are the stresses and strains of regular school.

Beth is coming on fast and saying lots of words now. She will literally eat anything you put in front of her so the cat keeps out of her way.

We are so busy helping out with the children we are not getting much time for ourselves and when we do one or both of us is worn out and in pain but on Saturday we are going out for coffee and a whizz round the garden centre ( hopefully).

Now I'm going to get on my soapbox. I watched a programme called ' A Plastic Tide' the other night and it has driven me to try and encourage everyone to be aware of the consequences of buying things in plastic wrapping. Please pop a cloth bag if possible or a bag for life in your pocket when you think you may be shopping. If you can buy your veg from a local market without packaging, try it. Bottled water is the biggest waste of money there is as mostly in the UK our tap water is lovely, so pick up a re- usable bottle ( £ shops usually have them) and take water with you instead of buying. These tiny steps will make a huge difference over time.